Ft. Myers birthday limos

Party limos for all ages

Any birthday celebration can be made more memorable when you add a luxury limousine or party bus into the mix! No matter what age, luxury transportation adds the finishing touch to the party! Absolutely any birthday party you're throwing, be it for yourself or you child or your best friend, you can count on Ft. Myers Limousines to take the party to the next level! Not sure how a limousine may benefit your party? Read below!

Kids' birthdays

We frequently provided our limousine services for children's' birthday parties. It's more common than you may think! If you're wondering what advantage there is to having a limousine or bus for a kid's party, let us explain! Say you're child is having a birthday party and wants to invite every kid in the class - that can be pretty crowded at home, but what if you were planning a birthday outing? To the movies, for example? Or even to Disney World? What better way to transport a large group than a limousine? Play cartoons on the HDTVs, fill the bus with balloons, stock the coolers with snacks or juice boxes, and you've got a mobile party ready to go! A birthday party with a limousine is a birthday party a child will never forget!

QuinceaƱera & Sweet 16

While we have provided limousine service for any teen birthday from 13 to 19, the ones we see most common are QuinceaƱeras and Sweet 16 parties! You don't need us to tell you that both of these are birthday milestones! Such parties are often over the top and a limousine is the perfect touch! Parents, if your teen is wanting to be a bit more independent, or if you simply don't want to hang on the bus with a group of teenagers, worry not, because we have great safety rules in place for just such occasions. Much like our prom or homecoming policies, if we are transporting a birthday group of teenagers, we only accept the itinerary from the contract holder, who in this case is typically the parent! This means that if we are picking up a Sweet 16 party and you give permission for the kids to go to a certain restaurant and then a movie, that's exactly where we'll take them unless we get explicit permission from you to do otherwise. This way, you know exactly where your teen is and what they're doing so you don't have to worry!

21+ birthdays

By far the most common birthday milestone we are called upon for is 21st birthday parties! One of the most exciting birthdays you'll have, a party bus or limousine will make the night truly unforgettable! Not only will you be enjoying your first night out bar hopping around Ft. Myers or any other Florida location you choose, but you can stock the bars on the bus and keep the party going! Our 24 hour service is ideal for just such parties. If you're looking to bar hop until closing but you don't want the party to end, don't worry because you can move the party to the limo! The music, lighting, and drinking you can do on any of our limos or limo buses makes you feel more like you're in a private lounge than on a moving vehicle! And because we are your designated driver, you can relax and enjoy your party knowing you and all your friends have a safe ride home at the end of the festivities!

When you're ready to book your birthday limo, give us a call! We can be reached by phone at 239-330-6263 or by email at info@ftmyerslimousines.com! We can't wait to hear from you!