Our Pricing

You don't have to break the bank when renting from Ft. Myers Limousines...

In this highly competitive industry our pricing varies based on season and even day by day, which allows us to always have the best prices possible. Even when industry demand is at it's highest, we keep our prices affordable. We also take the day of the week into consideration, so that you can get the best price on a daily basis, regardless of the season!

Because of these variations, we can't post our rates on line, however, we have agents available 24/7 who can let you know our up to date pricing! Our agents can explain our pricing policies and let you know exactly how much a rental will cost based on factors specific to your event, such as date, time, and the size vehicle you'll need. If you're still planning your event and aren't sure of the date, we're more than happy to give you a price comparison for various dates so you can plan within your budget. Keep in mind that weekend and spring/summer rentals run at higher costs across the limo industry as a whole.

In order to give you an accurate quote our coordinator will need the following information.

  • The date of your event.
  • Which city you'd like to be picked up in.
  • What time your event will be starting.
  • How many passengers we'll need to accommodate.
  • The time your event will end and where you'd like to be dropped off

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